September 19

It only costs 42¢ to lose a customer


A couple of friends decided to try a new restaurant yesterday for lunch called DP Cheesesteaks. Bad choice.

As it turns out, the food was decent, but the management was horrible. The cashier forgot to give them their drink cups, so after finding a table, one of them went back up to the counter, and grabbed two cups from behind the register (so as not to bother the cashier).

A few minutes later, the general manager approached their table, “I’m sorry, but you guys didn’t pay for those drinks.” “Pardon me? Of course we did, look at our receipt.” “Yes, but those are larger cups than you bought. If you could just go to the cashier and pay the difference, that would be great.” How much was the difference? A measly 42¢. Seriously? Was it really worth it to lose two new customers for 42¢?

If you’re running a business, think twice (or three times, or more) before treating your customers with such disrespect.


customer service

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