April 25

Note to Self: There Is a Formula for Success


There’s a huge secret formula for success that’s been hidden from you and preventing you from being successful. If you understand it and follow it, you are all but guaranteed to succeed. The formula is simple, but it isn’t easy.

Ready? Here it is:

intelligence * effort3 = success

Of course, you need a basic level of intelligence. (Zero times anything still equals zero.)

But you’re not at zero. You’re on the Internet, reading about how to be more successful. That puts you at level 4 at least, probably much higher. Did you finish high school? College? Grad school? You’re probably closer to a 6 or 7. Congratulations.

But your intelligence is getting in your way. It’s holding you back. It’s causing you to overthink everything. You’ve read all the books. You’ve taken all the courses. You’ve seen every Gary Vaynerchuck video. You’ve learned all the ways to “maximize your productivity”.

But you’re still not successful because you’re not listening.

Stop stalling and get to work!

All the really matters is effort. Action. Movement. Any effort you make is amplified.

The average person putting in the work will run laps around the lazy genius.

“But Warren Buffet spends 5 hours a day reading.”

Shut up. You’re not Warren Buffet. If you were Warren Buffet you’d already be Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet spends 5 hours a day reading and then he goes and spends millions (billions?) of dollars and buys companies!

He’s doing!

So, close your browser, turn off your Twitter notifications, close YouTube, put down your book, stop checking your email and reading articles on the internet about productivity.

Just get to work! Do something to make some progress today. (After you share this. 😉)


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