Ryan Jenkins

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

I help awesome companies grow

A Little Background

Hi. I’m Ryan Jenkins. I've been a graphic designer, web developer, digital marketer, and software product manager.

Schizophrenic? Maybe, but there’s an important connection between them all — I love to create! Making something from nothing, be it a painting, a clay pot, a web site, a spreadsheet, or a business, is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do.

During middle school I attended the Baum School of Art where I learned from award-winning illustrator David Gothard who taught me to think in new ways.

At 15 I taught myself HTML & CSS so I could build web pages for fun. It was pure creation in an exciting new medium. During college I worked as a web designer/developer for a little agency in Rexburg, Idaho where I built over 75 client websites.

Soon I realized I was building websites for businesses who had no idea who to do with them, so I started doing digital marketing consulting. I taught small businesses how to measure their site’s performance and find growth opportunities. In 2007 I joined Mozy Online Backup where I managed email marketing, PPC, web analytics, conversion rate optimization, etc. From there I got my MBA at BYU and then joined eBay as a Product Manager in the Structured Data team.

What I Believe

  • People are basically good.
  • Companies should focus on the customer experience.
  • No matter what people decide to do, they should do it with the utmost pride and care.
  • I believe in lifelong learning and asking lots of questions.

Remember 3 things about me. I am...

"I hit the jackpot in hiring Ryan as one of the first members of the Mozy marketing team. A recent college graduate, he was a quick learner while mastering paid search, SEO, and email marketing. Intelligent, curious, and driven to succeed,

"Ryan was not only able to 'wear many hats,' but excel in the process. I'd be thrilled to work with Ryan again."

Dave Robinson

VP Marketing, EMC/Mozy

"Ryan was always a pleasure to work with, not only because of his edgy and fun marketing vision, but also because he's a genuinely great guy.

I'd definitely want to work on a team with Ryan again in the future!"

Heidi Levyn

Principle Account Manager, Google